What is Japanese whiskey ?

Japanese whiskey is a type of alcohol whose manufacturing center in Japan. In a short time, Japanese whiskey has occupied a distinct, prominent place and most demanded drink in the world market. Japanese whiskey has a different flavor that attracts the U. S and European drinkers significantly. That’s why these countries people paid top dollar for import of this whiskey. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, the import of spirit in the U. S is now more than $40 million that was $6 million in 2014.

The Japanese give importance to nature and they examine it from the close that can be observed in their process of whiskey making. This process has been developed in such that whiskey drinking is easily adaptable by newcomers. Japanese whiskey is also food-friendly because it’s light to inhale and its style is mellower that increases the taste of your routine food. Japanese whiskey enhances the glory of any function when it served with ice cleanly. Improving quality contributors made a continuous process and improved the refining of whiskey research and development activities arranged. Because of its unique taste and lighter to drink, the global demand for Japanese whiskey is very high.

To create the best alcoholic drink Japanese whiskey combines different spirits and different yeasts are used to develop different tastes.11 malts providing a remarkable range of lightly and unique Japanese whiskeys that even is not tried by many whiskers and have a different flavor which gives a renovation to your drinking routine. We released bottles with a statement containing its manufacturing date to maintain the quality of our products. Let’s take a short view of our available stocks to make your purchase easy and choose the best product for you.

Suntory and Yamazaki

Suntory has revolutionized Japanese Whisky art. Suntory Pure Malt is a good quality Japanese whiskey easily available in a distilled form easily. The main components of the whiskey, according to Suntory with white oak of Yamazaki, result in light spirits a popular drink in Japan. Available in different distilled forms with varying costs.


The most important element in the making of Japanese whiskey is blending. The flavors are developed with great care to produce different distilleries that are combined to achieve a high-quality product. Hibiki is introduced in 1989 that has no age restriction to use it. We are providing the best Hibiki whiskey with the light touch of peach that is creamy and buttery, creamy in taste.


In the Hakushu range with notes of fresh fruit and dried cherry 18 years old malt is an excellent whiskey. If ever you find one of the bottles of it, there is one of those things that you will not wish to share with anyone. The 12 Years and 25 a year has also remarkable taste.

Nikka Coffey Malt

If you suggest it to a casual drinker, maybe he considers it as coffee-flavored whiskey. But it is named after Aeneas Coffey. Coffey Malt is richer with flavors like caramel and vanilla with bourbon-like characteristics that have oily mouth-feel.

Along with these Yoichi, Miyagikyo, ICHIRO’S MALT, KARUIZAWA, FUJI GOTEMBA, WAKATSURU, AKASHI, MARS, YAMAZAKURA, TOGOUCHI, KURAYOSHI whiskeys are available in our stock.


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