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Web style has been known as a key issue for the acceptance and success of the websites and electronic commerce. the aim of this paper is to analyze, from a selling purpose of reading the most aspects that might influence on-line users’ perceptions and behaviors, so as to realize an in the E‐commerce website.


An extensive literature review was developed emphasizing the special role that net style might play within the interaction user‐interface. Besides, the methodology associated with benchmarking permits corporations to understand the most effective practices and to be told some key lessons for developing their businesses on-line.


The literature review affirms that net style may be a key issue for obtaining positive outcomes because it influences on users and on-line consumers’ perceptions and behaviors. a web site style self-addressed to simplicity and freedom of navigation provides clear, timely associated correct data all told its contents and a look that concerns the users’ attention.

Research limitations/implications:

The paper offers a Ten Commandments of tips that might improve the planning of the e‐commerce websites concerning the aesthetic look of the web site, the navigation through the location, the data and contents and therefore the characteristics of the searching method. It may be fascinating to analyze by trial and error the impact of all key attributes on the users’ perceptions and behaviors.


This is one of the primary studies that explain however a web site should be designed from the demand’s perspective. The analysis of the users’ perceptions and therefore the selling read of style might facilitate designers to seek out the web site that best matches their users’ desires so, to enhance the relationships between users and firms through their interfaces.


The proper style has become a crucial part required to have an interactive web site and mobile application users. However, very little analysis has been conducted to outline the particular parts employed in effective web site and mobile application style. we have a tendency to decide to review and consolidate analysis on effective style and to outline a brief list of parts oft employed in research. the planning parts mentioned most often within the reviewed literature were navigation, graphical illustration, organization, content utility, purpose, simplicity, and readability. we have a tendency to discuss however previous studies outline and judge these seven parts. This review and also the ensuing listing of style parts are also accustomed to facilitate designers and researchers to operationalize best practices for facilitating and predicting user engagement. More details visit affordable website design

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