Types Of Cosmetics


A makeup product that comes in powder, liquid, gel or cream kind and is employed on the cheeks to feature pink or redness is termed blush.

Body glitter

Glitter that’s used on body elements is termed body glitter, that sometimescomes in auriferous shades like silver or gold, in little bottles and is employed on neck, arms, face, etc.


A makeup product that comes in powder, liquid or cream kind and is employed on the face to feature tan is termed bronzer. Usually, the user chooses a bronzer that’s 2 shades darker than their natural skintone, and wears it on the forehead, on the edges of the nose, below the cheekbones and close to the jawline to mimic sun-kissed tan.

Brow Gel

A makeup gel product that’s used on the eyebrows to line them in situ once filling, shaping and brushing them is termed brow gel.


An important coverage product that’s accustomed hide the skin’s pigmentation, dark circles, redness, skin disease or alternative imperfections is termed concealer.


A makeup product that comes in gel or liquid kind and is employed on the water levelor lashline of the eyes to darken or offer form is termed makeup. Eyeliners ar principally black, howeveradditionally are available varied alternative colours.


A makeup product that comes in liquid, powder or cream kind and is employed on the eyelids to feature color, depth Associate in Nursingd/or shine on them is termed an make-up.

Eye shadow brush

Make-up brush may be a little brush with rounded edges used for applying eye makeup. make-up brushes will be flat, used for make-up application, or downy sort, used for mixingthe make-up.

Retract Dual-Tip make-up Brush Eye shadow Primer

A creamy makeup product that’s used on the eyelids before carrying make-up to form a base is termed make-up primer. It helps for the make-up to come back out as additional pigmented and stay for extended.

Milani make-up Primer Nude Face Powder (

A powder to match the wearer’s skin tone that’s used everywhere the face or on bound areas to grant a matte end or to line concealed or foundation is termed powder.


A creamy, liquid or powder product that’s used on the face or body to grant a good complexion and somewhat cowl the imperfections are termed foundation. Foundation is chosen supported the wearer’s natural skin tone, and applied equally, with Associate in Nursing aim to mimic their skin.

Lip gloss

A liquid or gel makeup product that’s applied on the lips to feature shine is termed lip gloss. Gloss is also worn over lipstick or simply by itself. for more related topic this link Makeup

Lip pencil

A pencil that’s accustomed line and typically fills within the lips to form definition and/or amendment their form is termed lip pencil. Lip pencils are soft and are available in varied colors to match lipstick colors or lips’ natural colors.


A lip makeup product that comes as a cream or liquid in a very tube, to be applied on the lips to feature color, shine and/or definition is termed a lipstick.

Makeup primer

A liquid or cream-based makeup product that’s worn on the face before applying the other makeup to form a base is termed makeup primer. Makeup primer helps to create up alternative makeup like foundation simply, last longer and provides a higher, sander end.

Smokey eye palette

A makeup product that contains a set of eye shadows completely different in several in numerous} colours or different reminder identical color, which might be accustomed produce the illusion of shadows and high-points on the eyelids is termed a Smokey eye palette. They typically have one or additional dark colours like black or chocolate brown which will be merging with the lighter colours to foreshadows on the outer corners of the lids.

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