Top 5 Easy Use Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Finding the proper accounting software for your business are often a troublesome decision. Software that works for one company, won’t work for the opposite . an excellent deal of finding the proper fit depends on the dimensions of the corporate , the income flow, level of experience of the individual completing the accounting duties, and company budget. If you’ve got a replacement business, you would possibly want to undertake a couple of programs before you discover the proper one for you. Below are 5 of the more popular easy-to-use programs within the small business realm, and every offer their own special features for various needs.

1. SlickPie

SlickPie is a web Program Akuntansi that’s tailored for smaller businesses. The software is totally online, making it accessible from almost anywhere. It offers online invoices, allowing the user to either use one among the pre-set themes or offering a program that permits users to customize the design of their invoices. along side online invoicing, the program offers online billing and document management. Through SlickPie, users can produce financial reports to watch business growth. The software also offers tax management services. Another plus is cost, because it is totally free.

SlickPie relies on automation, offering features that allow companies to send automatic payment reminders and auto-invoices. SlickPie is additionally the sole no-cost accounting program to supply automated data entry, through its tool, MagicBot.

2. QuickBooks Online

A product of Intuit, QuickBooks has long been heralded because the go-to accounting software for little businesses. Two different versions of QuickBooks exist, including a web format, also as a licensed version. The program offers easy, online access to all or any of your customers, vendors, and employee records. Any user who purchases the web version of QuickBooks has access to free customer service also . you’ll test out the program through a 30-day free trial and, after the trial expires, at a minimal monthly cost.

QuickBooks offers accounts payable and assets services. Users also can send billing and invoicing to customers online. Unlike other accounting software programs, collections and glued asset management also are offered. Additionally, QuickBooks also provides cash management.

3. Sage 50

Formally referred to as Sage Peachtree, Sage 50 is an accounting program commonly employed by small to mid-sized businesses. The program offers accounts payable and assets services, bank reconciliation, and cash management. Users also can bill and invoice on to customers through online services. Payroll and employee management is another feature of the program and is widely employed by smaller and mid-sized businesses.

The program also allows the users to make and maintain a general business ledger. Sage comes at a monthly cost of $29.95 per month, with customer service being a neighborhood of this cost.

4. Kashoo

Kashoo is an accounting software program offered through the Apple App Store for iPad, iPhone, and web use. The format of this program is thru the cloud and is widely employed by smaller businesses already using any Apple product. The program allows small business owners to send invoices, manage finances, enter in expenses, and generate reports from the comfort of their own mobile device.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable are available through Kashoo, also as cash management, CPA firms, and bank reconciliation. Users are going to be ready to track expenses and income, and that they also will be ready to bill and invoice customers directly online. Payroll services are available, also as spend and tax management services. One especially unique feature is Kashoo’s ability to enter handle multi-currency expenses.

5. Xero

Xero may be a program that both small business owners and accountants utilize. This online program are often utilized through mobile devices, like Kashoo, also as via computer. Users can process invoices and send billing statements directly online. These are often done through pre-set templates or custom creation. you’ll handle payroll, including payroll taxes through the program. Xero does even have the potential to convert data directly from QuickBooks. Over 500 tools are available to permit the user to customize the program to their company’s specific needs.

Users also can reconcile multiple bank or credit accounts. Data is obtainable through one ledger, which may be a feature that creates it easy for users and accountants to collaborate and work together. Xero also supports multiple currencies.


It is not a “one size fits all” concept. Research your options, test what works for you, and you’ll find the proper fit your company. cash in of the free trials and demos out there, also as reviews found everywhere the online . Connect with other business owners in your line of labor and see what works for them. However, most significantly , check out what features you would like and what features you are doing not need. Line up those needs with one among the programs above, and you’ll find the proper one for you.

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