Rise of eSports in India

The world of sports has been shut for sometime now. There has been restlessness and chaos in the minds of sports fanatics. A number of sports from cricket to football have all been suspended.

However, the next few days will see the excitement rustling back in, as the FIFA eNations Cup 2020 unfolds.  And like other countries, there is going to be a lot of excitement in India.

The world of esports in India has not been new. It has been toying with the idea for the past decades, and has a very decent customer base which plays these games.

Gamers say that they are having a great time. With the whole day to sit and brush up their skills, they can now focus on tricks they weren’t able to pay attention to before.

Fifa Inter-nation cup making a debut will make a very strong case. FIFA has announced its inter-nation tournament – FIFA eNations Cup to be held in spring 2020! FIFA lovers around the world have marked their calendar to experience the teams battle against each other.

The FIFA committee might just make its biggest online breakthrough this time as news unravels around the tournament. The majority of the audience is made up of college students, who are already on break with the summer schedule.

The tournament is a digital equivalent of the FIFA world cup. 24 qualifying teams compete amongst one another to win the FIFA eWorld Cup title along with a stunning cash prize and 2000 Global Series Points. The participating countries and players will compete in 1V1 (individual) and 2V2 (team) matches on PlayStation as well as Xbox during the group stage. The top two teams from each group will then head towards the knockout rounds.

The tournament will air on EA Sports and all FIFA Digital’s platforms. To stay more engaged, one can also stay updated on FIFA eWorld Cup Twitter. On Twitter, there will be exclusive photos, interactions and videos. Tune in on 22nd May to witness the event commence!

But this is not the only tournament taking place. The revolutionary giant in professional European football, the Premier League, joined hands with EA Sports for a virtual experience of the sport, namely the ePL. Currently, as per the gaming news post in India, the League stands with a colossal following of 4.7 billion people, all who have flocked to this online tournament to keep the fanaticism thriving.

Two players from all the Premier League teams will be flagged off on screen. The ePL will assert a hand-picked crew of the finest FIFA gamers on the planet. This includes F2Tekkz, the winner of the FIFA eWorld Cup which is hosted in February.

The players have fought hard since January to come to this position. They have advanced through rounds and live play-offs to represent the clubs.

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