RELX Pod System Review: for first time Vapers

Vaping may be a popular activity within the Philippines. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s the inhalation of vapor produced by battery-powered vaporizers. It comes in several forms, types, and costs, which may be intimidating for those that want to start out vaping. So if you’re trying to find something compact, discreet, and straightforward to use, then you would possibly want to see out the relx pod System.

A pod system consists of two parts the battery and therefore the pod that contains the e-liquid. Pods are either refillable or pre-filled. RELX uses the latter, meaning you’ll got to eliminate the old pod once it runs out of e-liquid, then put during a fresh one. Now let’s take a glance at the relx pod System. What we’ve here is that the classic starter kit that contains the manual, the device itself that houses the battery, the pod, and a micro USB cable, which looks and feels premium. It even features a textured plastic sleeve with reinforced stress points. It comes in several colors. the quality ones are Black, Red, Navy Blue, Space Gray, Rose Gold, and Turquoise Blue. But they need also released the Celestial Series, which consists of the Sunset Glow, eclipse , and Mystic Aurora.

The device features a metal build with a clean and minimalistic design. The curved body makes it pleasant to carry while the metallic paint job improves the general look. It’s a pair of holes on the left and right for air intake, a micro USB port at rock bottom for charging, and an LED indicator within the middle for the battery. For the pod, each pod contains 2ml of e-liquid that comes in either 3% or 5% of nicotine. Each pod provides between 600 to 650 puffs, which is like the amount of puffs from three packs of cigarettes. It uses ceramic atomizing technology and high-quality nicotine salts. It’s also double-sealed to avoid leaks. To use just insert the pod to the body and magnets will keep it in situ . The device is draw-activated and provides a vaping experience that’s smooth but strong.

RELX has many flavors available: Mint, Classic Tobacco, Fruit, Tropical Fruit, Blue Burst, Lemon Tea, Ludou Ice, Soft Tobacco, Fresh Red, Fruit Tea, Fresh Cucumber, Green Tea, Pink Zest, White Freeze, and Toasted Tobacco. As for the battery, it’s a 350mAh capacity which will provide up to 250 pulls on a full charge. RELX says that it can last up to three days with average use and one full day with heavy use. Charging will take up to 45 minutes. Since it’s employing a micro USB cable, we will charge it with a smartphone charger or an influence bank.


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