Welcome to my mobile legends journey Guide (Full Comprehensive). On this page, you’ll realize explanations of all segments in MLA. This Guide are updated with each new event and when the introduction of any new playable game phase.

MLA has many mini-games within itself that has to be compete and presumably cleared when each login to satisfy Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, and accomplishment Quests. Arena, Tower of Babel and Crusade area unit required for accomplishment Rewards whereas Labyrinth and Trials area unit used for gathering gear and resources. The campaign is separate and represents your overall progress through the most game story. every of those game segments is shown by its building on the most screen, except Trials and Crusade that area unit each within Time Portal Building. i will be able to currently notify you all of the Buildings one by one.


At the middle of the most screen, you’ll be able to see a Castle with a portal. By clicking thereon you’ll enter a campaign. the most Campaign is split by chapters and each chapter must up to thirty five missions. each fifth mission in each chapter will increase the quantity of Idle rewards you’ll get by clicking on the chest that is found on the correct aspect of Campaign Screen. Squad expertise, Hero expertise and Battle Points (in-game currency) area unit accumulated each minute looking on your overall campaign progress. You much don’t have to be compelled to do something and you’ll get main game resources because the time passes however confine mind that when twenty four hours your Idle Rewards Chest are full and you’ll not be ready to collect from now on resources unless you act with the chest. which means that you just can need to login each day to avoid wasting resources. throughout the day and looking on RNG (Random variety Generator) alternative necessary things can fill your Idle Reward Chests, like ability Stones, instrumentation Coins, Gear, Hero Fragments, Advance Essences or much-needed Diamonds (the main currency used for invocation Heroes).


For moving into wish Shrine you wish to act with the fountain that is found within the bottom center of the most screens. wish Shrine is that the place wherever you’ll be ready to summon Heroes in 3 differing kinds of summons – Premium Summon, Miracle Summon and relationship Summon. Premium Summon is dead by victimization Premium Tickets which might be obtained by finishing quests, collaborating in Events or disbursement Diamonds. the worth of 1 Premium price ticket is 280 Diamonds however you’ll be able to obtain ten tickets quickly for a reduction paying 2500 Diamonds in total. you’ll be able to summon any Hero from a Gallery to up five to yellow stars however Epic Heroes have a way lesser drop rate than Elite Heroes and Epic Heroes continually go with 5 yellow stars. To summon a hero you initially have to be compelled to connect stars on a Star Map.


In a tiny mansion on top of wish Shrine within the center of the most screen, you’ll be able to realize Fusion Shrine. Fusion Shrine is that the place wherever you’ll be able to mix Heroes from your listing so as to get additional powerful Heroes. the quantity of stars of each Hero may be upgraded if you mix Heroes from your listing. Heroes WHO area unit used as combining material area unit lost permanently and that they are erased from your listing. confine mind that Elite Heroes can’t be upgraded on top of three red stars. Here is that the list of needs for upgrading the quantity of stars of you Heroes:

4 yellow stars – three same Heroes with three yellow stars;
5 yellow stars – three same Heroes with four yellow stars;
1 red star – a pair of same heroes with five yellow stars;
2 red stars – Chosen Hero with one red star and another hero of identical origin with one red star;
3 red stars – Chosen Hero with a pair of red stars, same Hero with five yellow stars and one Hero of identical origin with one red star;
4 red stars – Chosen Hero with three red stars and therefore the Hero of identical origin with three red stars;
5 red stars – Chosen Hero with four red stars, same Hero with one red star and therefore the Hero of identical origin with three red stars;
1 atomic number 78 star – Chosen Hero with five red stars, identical hero with one red star;


Time Portal is found below Campaign on the most screen and it’s shown as a portal between a pair of rocks. Once you act with Time Portal you’ll see a pair of completely different game segments – Trials and Crusade – and therefore the current variety of Chrono Stars in your possession. Crusade is another phase situated in Time Portal. In Crusade, your goal is to move the highest of the mountain by eliminating all enemies in your path. There’s a complete of nine completely different nodes that ought to be cleared and when each third cleared node you’ll be awarded chest containing Battle Points and random Hero Fragments. Also, when clearing each third node you’ll receive a 1 Chromo Star to up to three Chrono Stars at the highest of the mountain. it’s necessary to mention that in Crusade your Heroes transfers their Heath from one mission to a different which suggests that you just can want a minimum of one therapist in your team if you would like to with success clear all the high, every day. Currently, there area unit a pair of healers – Estes and Rafaela – thus you must take into account counting on a minimum of one in every of them for Crusade. i exploit each during this phase of the sport. the general problem of Crusade is increasing with each cleared stage, however don’t worry since you’ll be ready to clear quite two hundred stages before real troubles begin to look.

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