How Should You Get Started With WordPress?

Our managed hosting plans are designed specifically for WordPress users.

Hopefully, by this time, we’ve convinced you that WordPress is well price trying out. Now what?

Since WordPress may be a Our-hosted platform, there are many a lot of steps to making your 1st website than there would be with an internet site builder. however don’t worry! the method isn’t that hard. Here is what you’ll need to do: and also visit this link hide my wordpress

  1. Pick a Domain Name

This is the unique internet address your web site are going to be hosted at. try and select a domain that’s distinctive and catchy however easy enough for guests to simply keep in mind. you can check to check if your required domain is available (and purchase it) from a domain registrar or from a web hosting company.

  1. Purchase Hosting

You’ll want access to an online server — a placea} where your site’s information and files are saved, which may transmit info across the online to anyone who visits your domain name. this suggests buying a hosting arrange. There are many varieties on the market, looking on your specific needs and also the reasonably web site you’re creating.

  1. Install WordPress

Once you have a website and a hosting arrange, you’re able to download and install WordPress. you’ll be able to do that yourself, though several hosting providers can supply an easier solution. WordPress-specific hosts (like us!) usually provide a one-click installation choice.

  1. Customize Your Site With Themes and Plugins

It’s okay to start out little with this step. we suggest trying to find a high quality theme first, then selecting some of plugins to feature the options you wish. you’ll forever install a lot of plugins over time as you need them. If you aren’t sure where to start out, there are a few of essential plugins that are a sensible selection for nearly any web site.

  1. Start Creating Content

There are two main forms of content in WordPress: posts and pages (although some themes and plugins add additional options). each use a similar beginner-friendly editor, and you’ll find making your first few items of content could be a breeze. Don’t forget to incorporate a contact page thus guests will get in touch!

This may look like tons of labor, however you’ll be able to get through the primary few steps and on to making content during a matter of hours. However, if you’re still intimidated, that’s alright. one in all the most effective selections you’ll be able to create to begin off on the proper foot is to settle on a high quality, WordPress-specific hosting arrange.

Take our own DreamPress plans, as an example. we have a tendency to pre-install WordPress for you thus you’ll be able to get your web site up and running quick. These plans are ‘managed’, which suggests we’ll watch out of making certain your {site|website|web web site} performs well and runs firmly — thus you’ll be able to specialize in coming up with your site. If you decide on the DreamPress and or Advanced plans, you’ll conjointly get Jetpack skilled, a comprehensive plugin that gives SEO and safety features, for free.

What’s additional, we’re happy to assist you get discovered and answer any queries you may still have regarding WordPress and internet hosting. we’ve got lots of WordPress consultants you’ll be able to contact through a spread of channels day or night.

With our help, you’ll have your WordPress site online before you know it!

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