How Hackers Hack Social Media Accounts

Nowadays people aren’t conscious of hacking such a lot and the way to guard themselves that’s why they get hacked. Only a couple of people are there who realize cyber security. So, today during this post. I will be able to tell you about the common attacks employed by the hackers to hack social media accounts and the way to guard yourself from them. If you want more tips and tricks about facebook, whatsapp and many more so visit here Cara hack FB

1) Man in Middle Attack

In this attack hacker privately steals the conformation between the sender and therefore the receiver without their knowledge. The user thinks that they’re communicating privately with one another but hacker secretly relays and possibly alters their communication without their knowledge.

For e.g.: Burp Suite is that the commonest tool is employed to perform a person within the middle attack. What Burp suite do, It intercepts between the machine and therefore the server and holds the request with it and check all the small print which machine is requesting to the server and in some cases, it also can alter it and request for an additional thing with the server. Basically, it fools the machine and therefore the server.

2) Phishing

Phishing is that the commonest and best hacking employed by hackers for several years. In phishing hacker makes the replica of some social media login page then share them with the victim and when victim login therein page then It’s username and password redirects to the hacker’s machine.

There are many chances to urge hacked by this terminology if a user doesn’t have basic knowledge of the web. Mostly hackers make a reproduction of the social media login page. This attack needs patience and good skills for creating the victim login from your duplicate page.

3) Keylogging

Keylogging is that the easiest method to hack social media. A key logger may be software made by the hackers to trace or record the keys of the keyboard pressed by the user then it automatically makes the file of it and sends it to hacker’s machine through internet. It’s the foremost efficient way from this system hacker can hack even computer experts because this will be download from anywhere.

4) Browser Password

Usually, we save our account password and MasterCard details within the browser. Anyone can check those details from our browser password manager and steal those. A hacker can get physical access of your laptop through social engineering and may extract all passwords from a USB device called Rubber Ducky. Hacker also can put an extension in your laptop through the web and may extract all of your passwords and device data this also happened with one among the buddies then he got blackmailed by the hacker.

5) Social Engineering 

Social Engineering is that the basic technique to gather information from the victim the maximum amount as you’ll. For e.g., a lover asks the password from his friends and got that than it’s also called social engineering. Hacker asks information like name, date of birth, first school, pet name, telephone number, etc… And by using this information he/she will crack into your social account.

6) DNS Spoofing

This can be possible if user and hacker are on an equivalent network. During this hacker can replace the page of the victim’s machine with a fake page and may easily gain credentials of the user social account thereupon.

7) Session Hijacking 

This attack uses your saved cookies from your browser. When user login from the laptop then server and your machine maintain a session between them and people session details saved into your browser cookies. Hackers hack those cookies to urge the credentials and your extensions even have access to those cookies, So choose your extension carefully.

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