Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

Traffic exchanges are tools which may be wont to increase visits to your websites. Technically these visits are really generated, however, are those services an honest thanks to gain new interest in your website? Do traffic exchange really work? To answer this question, we should always start to research how does traffic exchange service work.

Autosurfs vs. Manual Surfs

The problem becomes harder if we consider a selected sort of traffic exchange websites: auto surfs. These are basically services during which you’ve got to open a frame, then leave it opened. The frame will automatically load websites on a selected time basis, while you’re doing other things. During this case, the hits you get from users are completely automatic, and then they’re fake. Also, while you’ve got auto surf opened, it’s going to happen some websites automatically load popup and other things that would block your computer, or maybe stop the auto surf’s flow (these websites are generally banned from traffic exchange services when discovered). With manual surfs users are obliged to seem at the web site, albeit also, during this case, they’re not visiting it due to a real interest, but only so as to earn credits. Do traffic exchanges work? they do not work as manual services, attempt to guess how they might drive genuine visits to your website as auto surfing services!

Bounce Rate

Another problem involved traffic exchange services is that they supply you with visits to just one page of your website. Every user will still load an equivalent page, without doing the other operation on your website. This may affect the Bounce Rate’s Google Analytics value badly, and it’s going to lead you to urge a lower ranking in Google SERPs. You’ll solve the matter by removing Google Analytics on your websites, but I feel it might be far better to prevent using traffic exchanges. Do traffic exchanges work? If your target is to urge your website on the last page of Google search results the solution is yes: they work great!

Website Content

In many traffic exchanges, you’ll be ready to find more promotional pages than interesting websites. Actually, most of them come from referral pages posted by users of other services so as to earn some money or credits in other networks. You’ll find tons of pay-to-click tools, forex investment related websites, other traffic exchange networks and lots of pages showing you “how to become rich during a week.” All of them keep maintaining traffic exchanges’ quality low, as they’re over-filled with spammy websites or referral pages from other users.

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